Testable Modern Web Applications

Learn How to Design Aesthetic, Flexible, Interactive, Device-Aware, Testable Modern Web Applications

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Take web development to the next level to build testable modern web applications.

In this immersive 3-day Testable Modern Web Applications course, discover the modern development standards, practices, patterns, tools, and features that provide developers the ability to design and build rich web applications expected by today’s users.

Ideal For:

Software developers

The instructor was a pleasure to work with. I learned a lot.


A familiarity with basic web development, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, and Java or C#.

Learning Objectives & Approach:

Using an existing traditional web application as an example, participants discuss its design challenges and then practice applying modern techniques, patterns, and libraries to achieve a clear separation of concerns. The result will be a much improved, testable, flexible, and maintainable application.

Upon course completion, participants will be able to separate how an application looks from how it behaves, and have gained practical experience enhancing web applications with real-time and mobile capabilities.

Key Topics:

Modern Web Applications

  • Fundamentals of testable, flexible, maintainable modern web applications
  • Applying current patterns, principles, and practices:
    • MV* (MVC/MVP/MVVM)
    • Separation of concerns
    • Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) with JavaScript
    • Using a message bus
    • Setting up build scripts for continuous integration
    • Productivity, debugging, and troubleshooting tools

Extending Modern Web with Real-Time & Mobile Web

  • Using reactive server-side code to push real-time updates
  • Creating a mobile version of your web application considering:


Testable Modern Web Applications

  • 3 Days, 9:00am - 5:00pm

Courses are also offered privately to teams and organizations looking for more immersive training.

Mentoring services are also available to reinforce or advance learned principles and practices.

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* Cost is per participant in Canadian dollars plus GST

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