Test Driven Development (TDD)

Learn How to Create High-Quality Software Incrementally Using Test Driven Development

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Discover the test-first Test Driven Development (TDD) approach to software development that uses unit tests and mocks to deliver robust, highly resilient, more maintainable products.

In this 2-day Test Driven Development course, explore the fundamentals of TDD – write a failing test first, make the code pass, refactor code – and learn how to apply it to improve development speed and quality.

Ideal For:

Software developers and team leads

TR – Software Development – Test Driven Development

The instructor was very helpful and patient. He took the time to explain details, especially when going over code examples.


Experience with software development using C# and the Microsoft® .NET framework.

Learning Objectives & Approach:

Presented using a combination of lectures and hands-on application exercises, this course will teach the fundamentals and flow of TDD, and how to design testable code, write effective unit tests, and refactor code to improve the design.

Upon completion, attendees will have a solid understanding of Unit Testing and TDD principles, techniques and best practices.

Key Topics:

  • The benefits of Test Driven Development
  • Unit Testing and Mocking
  • TDD best practices
  • Applying design principles with TDD
  • Organizing and managing tests


Test Driven Development (TDD)

  • 8:30am - 4:30pm

Courses are also offered privately to teams and organizations looking for more immersive training.

Mentoring services are also available to reinforce or advance learned principles and practices.

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* Cost is per participant in Canadian dollars plus GST

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