Business Intelligence Fundamentals Training

Business Intelligence Fundamentals

Discover How to Leverage Data to Provide Critical Insights

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In this ½-day Business Intelligence Fundamentals course, learn the basics of BI and discover how to use organizational data to gain efficiency and improve decision-making and performance.

Ideal For:

Project managers, business analysts, systems analysts, and others looking to use organizational data to inform and drive strategy.



Learning Objectives & Approach:

Using a balance of lecture and hands-on exercises, students are introduced to the fundamental concepts of BI and learn about data quality, data consolidation, data analyses, and data reporting.

Upon completion, students will have a clear understanding of the key elements needed to drive a successful BI plan.

Key Topics:

Business Intelligence Basics

  • Concepts, process, and terminology
  • The Extract, Transform & Load (ETL) process

Data Warehouse Core Concepts

  • Consolidating data from disparate sources
  • KPIs and data mining
  • Trend tracking
  • Analytics, dashboards, and reporting

BI Maturity Model

  • Operational reporting, data quality, and data stewardship
  • Benchmarking and historical comparisons
  • Predictive analysis


Business Intelligence Fundamentals

  • 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Courses are also offered privately to teams and organizations looking for more immersive training.

Mentoring services are also available to reinforce or advance learned principles and practices.

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* Cost is per participant in Canadian dollars plus GST

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