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Quadrus has provided development process technical consulting services to clients for nearly a quarter-century. If you are looking for advice and guidance, or development environment and process set-up, our experience and advanced knowledge delivers an efficient, effective process.

Quadrus is constantly upgrading their exemplary understanding of development fundamentals and technologies to stay ahead of emerging concepts and methodologies. Our focus is on development best practices and practical project delivery, which results in the delivery of defined, established processes and environment configurations that boost development efforts.

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The process developed by Quadrus has proven effective and reliable. As the number of resources and demands of stakeholders have increased, the project continues to operate efficiently.

Service Areas

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Software Practice Assessment

Quadrus is often asked to provide independent reviews of software development practices and existing solutions. This can involve assessment of architecture quality, consistency, and robustness, and/or the code and development process. From there, we make informed recommendations to better meet your organizational objectives.

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Software Estimation

Quadrus’ estimation methodology takes the guesswork out of budgeting and streamlines development and resource planning, providing smooth project execution and maximum return on your development efforts.

We incorporate our proven methodology and toolset into your project to deliver a well planned, managed, and predictable project. We also provide reliable software estimation training and mentoring for teams.

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Automated Deployment

Quadrus configures and implements a robust, automated deployment process to streamline migration across the development, testing, staging, and production environments.

This process supports development teams to release changes and enhancements more often and reduces the risk of introducing errors or breaking a production solution.

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Quadrus sets up source code repositories to maintain version control, secure storage, and enable optimal management of your IP and code base.

To ease code integration challenges, we work with you to configure a continuous integration system that implements automated testing and deployment. Most importantly, Quadrus establishes a DevOps practice and automated deployment pipeline to maximize delivery throughout the entire development process amongst all stakeholders.

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Agile Adoption & Agile Training

Quadrus offers a variety of Agile training programs and services to define, introduce, and standardize Agile delivery and development methods and practices.

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