Desktop Application Development

Expert Desktop Development for Applications that Perfectly Align with Business Requirements

Accelerate Productivity & Performance

Nothing beats the speed, power, reliability, and rich user experience of a well-developed desktop application.

Quadrus has been developing desktop applications for a quarter-century. In addition to having comprehensive experience with multiple platforms and languages, we also have advanced knowledge of web, mobile, and distributed system architectures. As a result, we’re able to deliver superior desktop solutions for a variety of uses.

Desktop Development Experience that Counts

For 25 years, Quadrus has been developing user-friendly, cross-platform desktop applications that perfectly align with business requirements and user needs. We understand how to create rich, easy-to-use interfaces that fully utilize presentation capabilities. We know how to design fault-tolerant distributed systems that take advantage of the hardware available by writing multi-threaded code to utilize all CPU cores efficiently.

General Dynamics –

Lots of bells and whistles were possible, but Quadrus listened and adhered to our objectives of having a stable product on budget and in time. They cared, and our priorities were understood and matched within development.

Service Areas

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Custom Desktop Application Development

Quadrus delivers intuitive desktop applications with a wealth of features that fully leverage the desktop’s power and speed to accelerate productivity and performance.

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High-Performance Computing

To tackle your complex and/or computationally intensive business problems, Quadrus builds high-performance distributed solutions that scale.

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Legacy System Enhancement

Quadrus evolves legacy applications and extends functionality by integrating third-party components, implementing UI improvements, improving data interaction, adding new features, and/or remediating and stabilizing legacy code.

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Legacy Code Enhancement

Quadrus has a wealth of experience in improving legacy code. Using appropriate design patterns and best practices, we incrementally make the code more modular, unit-testable, maintainable, and extensible. This investment in code quality can reap rewards for many years to come as it allows you to more quickly and confidently add new features and/or make ongoing changes to your system.

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Software Developer Skills Development

Develop in-house expertise in modern software development practices, processes, and technologies. Our software development consultants are experts in planning and delivering Modern Web, Mobile & Desktop Development Training and mentoring programs that quickly raise capabilities and deliver results.

Explore some of our Software Development clients and solutions.

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