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Scalable, Extensible Cloud Computing Solutions to Elevate Your Business and ROI

Cloud Computing: The New Norm for Business Systems

With the only requirement being an Internet connection, cloud computing has revolutionized the way that many businesses operate – and will continue to do so as cloud accessibility, security, platforms, technology, tools, and services advance and become increasingly flexible, affordable, and secure.

Move to or Integrate with the Cloud

If you are seeking cloud computing consulting services, SaaS development, or a customized cloud integration solution – or simply have a need for data sharing and ad-hoc connectivity – Quadrus’ proficiency in multiple cloud-specific development platforms, architectures, tools, and integration protocols will ensure successful delivery.

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Service Areas

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Cloud Assessment & Strategy

To determine whether a move to cloud computing will benefit you, we assess your goals and current level of cloud-readiness:

Business Case Assessment

  • Identify business, processing, data, and user requirements
  • Analyze current environment, practices, and workflows to assess cloud-readiness
  • Assess current applications for cloud suitability
  • Select technology, services, tools, and deployment model (private, public, hybrid)
  • Perform analyses to determine return and benefits

Then, we provide a detailed implementation plan:

Cloud Adoption Roadmap

  • Detailed project scope and milestones
  • Integration and migration requirements
  • Development & Resource Requirements
  • Implementation schedule and timeline

cloud computing integration
Cloud Application Integration

To bring fast, efficient information flow, interoperation, and seamless functionality across environments, Quadrus adapts existing applications to be cloud-friendly. Next, we integrate applications across environments to best meet your security, accessibility, reliability, volume, and processing requirements:

  • Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)
    For simple integration requirements, iPaaS is a cost-effective, low-maintenance cloud service to connect and synchronize the flow of information across environments and enable real-time processing.
  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
    For high security and reliability requirements, and complex integration needs – high-volume and low-latency requirements, distributed system integration, and multiple applications, sources and connection points – Quadrus can deliver an ESB solution.
  • Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
    To extend legacy systems using modern cloud technologies, we design and implement custom APIs to interface between on-premise and cloud environments to enable real-time communication, data sharing, and workflow management.

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Cloud Application Development

Quadrus leverages 25 years of proven software development to give you efficient, robust, scalable, cloud applications using the platforms, architectures, tools, and techniques specific to SaaS applications.

We also put our extensive knowledge of distributed computing principles and bandwidth limitations to work to provide applications that require less memory, processing, and data consumption.

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Cloud Application Migration

Once we adapt your applications to perform in the SaaS environment, we leverage best-practice migration methodologies and tools to rapidly and accurately transition them to the cloud with minimal risk or disruption.

Prior to migration, we assess your service level, data residency, and business continuity requirements to help you decide whether moving your application(s) to a cloud infrastructure (IaaS) or refactoring them to take advantage of cloud-hosted platform services (PaaS) is the most suitable, cost-effective option.

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Skills Development

Quadrus offers a rich curriculum of training courses to support modern software development practices, processes, and technologies. Our skills development consultants are experts in planning and delivering IT training and mentoring programs that quickly raise capabilities and deliver results.

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