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Modernize your existing Business Intelligence (BI) tools, practices, and workflows, plan the design and implementation of BI for your business, or reduce costs by moving to the cloud.

Quadrus’ Business Intelligence Assessment & Planning services have helped clients to fully leverage their investments in BI and data practices for over a quarter-century. We work with you to create a BI Roadmap to elevate your data into meaningful, valuable information to support daily operations and key decision-making.

Harris Corporation

We couldn’t have done it in the required timeframe without Quadrus. They had the high level of expertise required to get the job done.

Service Areas

Building tools
BI HealthCheck

As your BI solution matures, it must adapt and evolve. A Quadrus HealthCheck evaluates your solution to address specific challenges, pinpoint causes, and identify limitations and gaps. It also provides practical, cost-effective recommendations for modernization in line with your business objectives. A HealthCheck encompasses the following areas:

  • Readiness assessment
  • Development practices
  • ETL and data warehouse design
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Platform, technology, and tools

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BI Roadmap

The Quadrus BI Roadmap lays out a practical and reliable plan to deliver the BI tools, practices and workflows to achieve your business’ goals. We work with your team to align business objectives and needs to planning and delivery of BI.  Your Roadmap will outline:

  • Defined objectives, scope, and milestones
  • Data, technology and tool selection
  • Resource requirements
  • Detailed deliverables framework
  • Implementation schedule and cost estimates

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Proof of Concept

Before you invest heavily in hardware, software or development, you need to know whether a proposed BI solution will perform as needed. Quadrus uses your existing data to create a small-scale, working prototype to quickly and cost-effectively demonstrate what will work for you.

Data Architecture Design
Data Architecture & Design

Overall performance, reliability, scalability, and extensibility of data architecture is crucial. Our highly-knowledgeable data architects will:

  • Assess existing architecture(s) and provide recommendations for improvement
  • Prepare a detailed analysis and implementation plan for a proposed new system
  • Train and mentor teams in data modeling and management using a variety of tools and methodologies

We have extensive experience in all major relational database technologies – including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and DB2 – and numerous other NoSQL data storage platforms. Quadrus also helps organizations leverage the cloud to provide cost-effective BI solutions.

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Data Quality & Governance

BI solutions are only as good as their underlying information. Our analysis will detect and isolate data quality and discrepancy issues that affect accuracy and reliability. Then, we’ll create and implement a data management plan to establish data standards, clarify data movement processes and align information across business units.

Teacher instructor
Business Intelligence Skills Development

Develop in-house expertise in BI and data management practices, processes and technologies. Our BI skills development consultants are expert in planning and delivering BI training and mentoring programs that quickly raise capabilities and deliver results.

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