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If you are passionate about technology, technically sharp, self-motivated and looking for a career where you can add real value, we want to hear from you.

Why Quadrus?

Individuals who work at Quadrus are not just employees; they are members of a cohesive and ambitious team that produce the exemplary results around which our company is built. That is why we refer to our employees as Team Members. We value each Member and we work hard to ensure you’re part of an exceptional team and dynamic work environment.

Becoming a Quadrus Member offers many benefits, including:

Our members are our primary assets; our equity lies in the intellectual acumen of our team.

Brian Donaldson, President, Quadrus

Our Values



We strive to exceed expectations and inspire others not only with what we do, but how we do it – every time. This takes a unique combination of ability, resourcefulness, and confident humility.



We believe in thinking of others more, without thinking less of ourselves. We are generous with our time, knowledge, and experience and regularly celebrate the achievements of others.



Greatness is never guaranteed and rarely achieved by doing the minimum. Our success is a consequence of our focus on collective engagement.

Careers, low turnover

We are proud of our exceptionally low turnover rate of less than 5%, which is almost unheard of in this industry.

Dawn Gibson, Vice President HR & Administration, Quadrus


Dawn Gibson, Vice President HR & Administration, Quadrus

Community Participation

Quadrus believes in engaging with and giving back to the community that gives to us. We have contributed to many initiatives over the years including:

Be a part of an exceptional team and dynamic work environment.

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