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Improved Data Analysis and Business Intelligence for The City of Calgary

Our Client

The City of Calgary (The City) is the municipal government of Calgary, Alberta — the third largest municipality in Canada, serving more than 1.2 million people.

The City is focused on serving constituents, fostering a culture of innovation and creativity to that end. They are committed to their mandate of “listen, respect and act” to deliver a high quality of life to Calgarians.

The Need

The City’s Development and Building Approvals Unit was looking to implement a Business Intelligence system for their Building Regulations Division to improve analysis, increase productivity, and improve service offerings to the public.

Our Solution

The City engaged Quadrus to help assess, define, and plan the development of an initial data mart, with an ultimate goal of implementing a comprehensive Enterprise Data Warehouse.

Quadrus assisted The City in selecting and implementing “best of breed” technologies, providing The City with a truly integrated and scalable business solution.

We chose Quadrus for many reasons, including their significant expertise and extensive knowledge in data warehousing methodologies and technologies.

The Result

The data mart has proven beneficial to the Building Regulations Division on many levels:

  • Permit revenue analysis has become more efficient, nimble, and immediate
  • Information accuracy has improved due to all data being obtained from specific known sources and integrated into a single repository
  • The intuitive interface allows business analysts to easily create data and format query results into reports for other clients
  • A highly scalable architecture enables The City to progress toward an enterprise front-end portal
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